Year : 2020 | Client : IFDA | Photo : IFDA Organizing Committee

Items of furniture are given names such as “chair” and “desk” according to their purpose.For example, we know that a chair is something to sit on. It has a back and sometimesarmrests, and various improvements have been made over the years to provide greater comfort. However, this convention can make us overly rigid in our thinking about what furniture is for: we think of chairs as something to sit on and desks as something to work on, and so placing one’s feet on a desk is considered to be rude. I wanted to go back to the time before an item’s function was determined by its name and redefine furniture as something that people can use however they want The Molecule is a wooden piece of furniture with a top surface in the shape of an equilateral triangle measuring 550 mm along each side. This raised:flat surface creates a minimalist piece of furniture that can be used as anything from a space for storing objects to a place to sit. Strong neodymium magnets are built into the top, bottom and sides of each unit, enabling them to be connected like molecules to create complex structures for a wider range of uses. By attaching and separating these individual units, the user can create furniture with different forms and names—a coffee table, a side table, a shelf, a bench—to meet their needs at any given moment.



 International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2021 :Bronze Leaf Prize (Special Prize)