Year : 2017 | Client : IFDA | Photo : Kunihiko Sato

「GOL」は円柱状に削り出した丸太を半分に切断し、内外を反転させて構成するベンチです。 ソリッドでスベスベの表面をもつ直方体の外側と、浮造り加工で木目を浮かび上がらせザラザラと荒々しい表面をもつ内側。人工的なものと野生的なもの、相反しながらもそれぞれ人間にとって重要な2つの感覚を、アンビバレントに内包しています。

This is a bench is made by inverting the inside and outside of a log.  The log is shaven into the shape of cylinder before it is cut in half to have the inside and outside flipped.  Outside of the rectangle has a solid, smooth surface that fits into the living space while the inside has been processed to bring out the gain in the wood for a rough, gritty surface.  Part man made and part natural, both of these important and conflicting aspects that are important to people are included ambivalently.

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